Our ’Pebble' pot in grey, black and white marble. 

Our pots are 8cm across and 7cm tall. They can be used for a number things - our favourites are plant pot, pen pot and make-up brush holder pot! What will you do with yours? 


T&B’s products are entirely handmade from jesmonite. All of our items are coated with an acrylic sealer making them splash-proof and more durable to heat. If using this pot for a plant you can water your plant and your pot will not tarnish on the outside. 


Our items are handmade meaning that no two T&B products are the same, making your item completely unique!


All of our products are made completely from hand therefore there will be slight discrepancies between our products. Please be advised that there will also be naturally occurring air bubbles. 

Pebble Pot

SKU: 00159