Will my items be damaged by water? 

No! We provide splash-proof protection (not fully water resistant) to your items. All Tilly & Bumble products are all coated in a special protective sealant that is UV resistant and shields against heat, moisture, oil, grease and stains.  

What are your products made from? 

T&B's products are made from an eco-material called jesmonite. Jesmonite has a lot of benefits including: 

  • It's a sustainable material 

  • Excellent strength and durability, with high impact resistance

  • Water-based not solvent-based, making it eco-friendly

  • Solvent free with no VOCs (volatile organic compound)

How is jesmonite sustainable?

Jesmonite is a composite material made from gypsum, water and then mixed with acrylics. Gypsum is a natural mineral, found in abundance and is sustainably manufactured. It is typically sourced from sedimentary rock. Its chemical composition includes water. 

Gypsum is highly durable and needs very little maintenance. Gypsum can last for decades even in high-demand settings, this is one reason why Jesmonite is known for its longevity. Gypsum also is naturally fire resistant, which is a property it gives to Jesmonite. 

Water is a large component of the product. This is compared to other substances like oil, which are far more damaging to the environment.

Because Jesmonite is water-based, it is also processed more safely. In manufacturing and processing oil, it is dangerous when volatile organic compounds are released as a gas into the environment. Jesmonite’s water-base does not have any such side effects. *

How long will it take for my item to arrive? 

We dispatch items 2 times a week, Mondays and Thursdays, all items placed up until 12 o'clock on that day will go unless there is a reason for delays (eg. post office being unexpectedly shut.) Your item should arrive within 1-2 working days of your order being dispatched, for UK addresses.

COVID-19: Please also allow a few extra working days for delivery as Royal Mail are doing their best but there are delays in some parts of the country. Please contact us if you have any questions about delivery. 
For example: IF you ordered on Saturday, your item will be processed on Monday as well as being dispatched that day too. It should then be with you by Wednesday.

Can I get something bespoke? (e.g.. a set of particular colours)

Of course! Just email us at tillyandbumblehome@gmail.com with the details of what you would like and the colours and we can go from there!




* Information taken from Citizen Sustainable article: https://citizensustainable.com/jesmonite-sustainable/